Professional athletes independent medical examination - National Football League sport concussion and brain injury damage expert witness - Headaches and Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Specialist

Signs and Symptoms

Immediate: first 24 hours

Vacant stare (befuddled facial expression), Delayed verbal and motor responses (slow to answer questions follow instructions), Confusion and inability to focus attention., Disorientation (walking in the wrong direction, unaware of time, date and place), Slurred or incoherent speech, Gross observable decrease in coordination (stumbling, trouble with tandem gait), Emotions out of proportion to circumstances, Memory deficits (exhibited by the athlete repeatedly asking the same question that has already been answered, or inability to memorize and recall 3 of 3 words or 3 of 3 objects in 5 minutes), Any period of loss of consciousness

Intermediate: 2 to 5 days

Headache, Dizziness, loss of equilibrium or vertigo, Lack of awareness of surroundings, Nausea or vomiting

Late: 6 to 14 days and beyond

Persistent low grade and sometimes even severe headache, (may include photo/phono phobia). Light-headedness.  Poor attention, concentration and memory. Heat Intolerance.  Easy fatigability,  Sleep Disturbances, Irritability and low frustration tolerance, Anxiety and/or depressed mood, Sleep disturbance, Decreased reaction time and balance (one of the last symptoms to resolve along with headache).

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