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Return To Play

Before a concussed athlete can consider returning to participation, he or she must be completely asymptomatic, off of all medications, with a normal neurological exam and all baseline testing must be back at their pre-concussion levels. Current guidelines suggest a graded return to play protocol (see above) where the athlete gradually increases physical and cognitive activity and eventually contact. At the professional and elite level this is normally administered by an athletic trainer working closely with the team physician. Dr. Conidi also has prior sports back ground which he uses to design specific stages geared towards the athletic particular sport. The Florida Center for Headache and Neurology is currently exploring implementing a tele-conconcussion program where athletes can be cleared and evaluated remotely allowing Dr. Conidi to work closely with any athletic trainer in the world. At the non-elite and amateur level athletic trainers are often not available. Our main office has on site capabilities to take an athlete through the necessary stages whereby they are eventually cleared to return to play.


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