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Patient Information

YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT WITH US: Please click on the respective tab below for information on what to bring with you for your first appointment with us.

Also included in the below tabs are the following documents and forms; some of them are in a .pdf format, which you can download and print:
PATIENT FORMS: Registration Form; Medical Record Release; Handicap Parking; Headache Questionaire; Pain Questionaire; Physician Authorization For Medication; Standard Disclosure and Acknowledgement
BUSINESS POLICIES: Office Policies; Prescription Policy; School Medication Policy; Attorneys and their Representatives
PRIVACY PRACTICES: HIPAA Privacy Policy Information

Your First Appointment

Please arrive early so that we can complete your initial paperwork. Also, please bring the following:

>> Patient's insurance card

>> List of current prescriptions and/or over-the-counter medication, including dose and frequency, and the name and address of pharmacy including mail order

>> Information about patient's medical and surgical history

>> Recent test results, x-rays, MRI's and/or relevant records (on disk form if available) 

Business Policies

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At times certain circumstances arise where appointments have to be cancelled. However we require 24 hours notice unless there are extenuating circumstances. There has been a marked increase in no shows and same day cancellations and we are averaging approximately two or three per day. If this pattern were to continue we estimate that the practice would loose $50,000 to $60,000 per year in revenue.  Furthermore, we have a number of patients who are waiting to see the doctor who would greatly benefit from an earlier appointment (it is not our policy to double book as many other offices do). Therefore patients will be given one cancellation without 24 hours notice after which time you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee “NO EXCEPTIONS”. If at any time you do not show up and do not call you will be charged $50.00 (THERE ARE ONLY TWO EXCUSES FOR NOT CALLING, COMA and DEATH). The above fees cannot be billed to your insurance company and no further follow up visits will be scheduled, messages returned, samples given or prescriptions refilled until the balance is paid in full. Patients who cancel habitually and those with more then one no show will be dismissed from the practice.

2.    TESTS

Test results (Lab reports, MRI’s, EEG’s, EMG’s etc.) will not be routinely discussed over the phone unless life threatening. All reports will be discussed at your scheduled follow up visit, if Dr. Conidi decides it is necessary to speak with you sooner or he has made a prior arrangement to call with results, he will contact you.


Due to liability issues and at the request of our malpractice insurance carrier, ALL Medication refills require a face to face office visit. Our office uses electronic prescribing which allows us to accurately track refills. Follow up appointments are scheduled so that you should not have an issue with medication refills providing you show up as scheduled. Only in emergency situations and on one occasion will medications be called in. (We suggest you check your bottles weekly for the number of pills and refills remaining). We do not perform prior authorizations or deal with PBM’s i.e. Medco, Caremark, etc. (Please see our prescription policy for more details)


The Processing time for medical records is 10-14 days. As we are completely electronic we do not print out records. Records are provided to the patient free of charge if you bring in a USB zip drive or we can email them to you or another physician via HIPPA compliant email. Our office does not fax records. You will also be required to sign a record release form which includes a statement on emailing records.


Full payment is expected at time of service. You may not be aware that a number of insurance providers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO and CIGNA HMO have increased your co-pays and at the same time dropped physician reimbursement rates. Please be aware that your co-pay can account for more then 80% of the cost of your follow-up visit. It’s just another way that insurance companies deceive patients.

a.    CO-PAYS

All co-pays will be collected prior to entering the office. If you show up for your follow up appointment and still cannot pay your balance “in full, you will not be seen and charged a $25.00 cancellation fee.

b.    SELF PAY

Payment is expected IN FULL prior to being seen by the physician.


Some patients have deductibles, etc which may cause you to carry a balance which will result in our billing office sending you a statement. If payment is not received within thirty days you will receive a second statement. If you fail to respond to the second statement (i.e. in writing or by phone) then all follow up visits will be cancelled and no further medical services will be rendered. Patients who have received a third notice and have not made payment arrangements (There is no excuse for ignoring three statements) within thirty days will be sent to collections and dismissed from this practice. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  Patients with balances of $500.00 or more that are more then 120 days past due will face civil action and will be responsible for all court costs and attorney fees.


Our office reserves the right to add a 50% surcharge to all balances placed in collections.


There is a $38.00 fee for returned/bounced checks and all future payments will be required in cash or with a credit card. This fee includes fees charged to the practice by our bank.


Due to liability and possible abuse of Narcotics, this office is extremely cautious in dispensing certain drugs. As a general rule, Dr. Conidi does not prescribe narcotics. However, in some very rare cases, and after all alternative means have been exhausted, the physician may find it necessary to write a prescription for such medications or may refer you to a pain management specialist. If a narcotic is prescribed you may be required to sign a narcotics contract requiring strict compliance with the physician orders.

7. DISABILITY Forms, FMLA forms and other forms:

Our office has a flat rate fee schedule for filling out forms which is the patient’s responsibility. This is a non-covered service and your health insurance will not reimburse us for the service. Therefore, you do not have to be present. However some forms do require an updated history and physical exam which would require the patient being present.


Many patients have pre-existing clauses in their insurance contracts. Our billing department will try to collect reimbursement however; in many cases payment is denied. The patient is ultimately responsible for any payment that is denied by their insurance company. Please read your contracts policy on pre-existing conditions.


Due to past incidents this office has NO TOLERENCE for violating the physician/patient relationship. Examples include non-compliance with doctor’s orders, keeping appointments, belligerent, behavior and/or threats to the physician or staff, and unauthorized use of narcotics. If any of the above occurs we will terminate the physician/patient relationship immediately. 

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Due to a marked increase in requests for prior authorization for prescriptions, requests for duplicate and unnecessary paperwork from mail-order pharmacies (PBM’s)/other pharmacy plans and requests for prescription overrides. This office has instituted the following policy:

1. If your insurance plan requires a 90 day supply you must inform the doctor during your visit prior to him writing the prescription. If you need the prescription re-written you will be required to come in for a follow-up visit and will be responsible for all co-pays etc.

2. If your insurance denies a prescription that the doctor has written you have 2 options. Pay for the prescription yourself or come back in for follow-up to discuss alternative treatment options. At this follow-up you should have already contacted your insurance company and obtained a list of medications they would be willing to pay for.

3. Under no circumstances will the doctor call your insurance company to obtain overrides/prior authorization. First and foremost it is unethical as the purpose of these so called rules is to deny patient care. The physician’s prescription is his prior, present and future authorization. If he or she wanted you to have an alternative medication they would have written it for you. This process is quite time consuming and is set up with the hope that the physicians office will give up. Furthermore, the person on the other line is at best a pharmacist, who never took a history, performed an exam and does not have the qualifications nor the training to make medical decisions that effect your treatment and your life. These conversations only lead to extreme frustration and confrontation.

4. Medication samples are provided as a courtesy as we realize that many of you have very high co-pays and would like to make sure the medication is going to work prior to using it. Whenever possible we will try to help you however we cannot provide you with medications on a regular basis and samples should not be expected.

5. As it has always been our policy if you wish to remain on a medication you must come in for regular follow up, otherwise no refills will be given. This is for you own safety as you may have been placed on a new medication or have developed a new medical problem that may prohibit the use of the medication. In addition, our malpractice insurance carrier has mandated that we not write refills without a face to face visit and gives us a credit on our insurance for doing so.

6. Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM’s) or (Mail order Pharmacies): These include Medco, Caremark etc. Dr. Conidi has ethical issues with the nature of their business and the way these organizations do business (see above). Therefore, this practice will not deal with them whatsoever. This includes responding to phone calls, faxes, etc. We are not the only practice that has adopted this policy and are hopeful that if all physicians stop playing their ridiculous game, the game will end.

Please understand that our present health care system is broken and in fact is an overall mess. Care is now being influence and sometimes dictated by bureaucrats. It is that your doctor who has your best interest in mind. YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY HAS PROFITS IN MIND. Their goal is to deny care whenever possible. The physician does not make any more money if you obtain or do not obtain the medication, THEY DO. Furthermore, you're health-insurance policy involves contract between yourself, and/or your employer and the insurance company. The doctor’s job is to select the proper medication and treatment for your medical problem. Anything that happens with respect to paying for that medication and/or treatment after you leave this office is between yourself and the insurance company. Interestingly, the insurance company will always try to shift the blame to the physician when they deny care. Remember it is you or your employer who is paying for the insurance and have more leverage than you think and both parties are going to be required to take more responsibility with respect to patient care.

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Privacy Practices

Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. It is given to all new patients, and a copy is available upon request.
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Florida Center for Headache & Neurology is a provider for Medicare and most major insurance plans, and provides insurance billing. You are responsible for co-payments or charges that are not covered by your insurance. If you have questions regarding billing or which insurance plans we accept, please contact us. Questions regarding insurance coverage and benefits should be directed to your employer or insurance company.

We accept the following insurance plans
Golden Rule
Seminole Tribe of Florida
United Health Care
Well Care
& all major Auto Insurance
We also accommodate out of network patients, please call and we will verify benefits.

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