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Dual Neurostimulation

dual-neurostimulationLife Changing Dual Neurostimulation for Chronic / Refractory Migraine

Dr. Conidi is one a less than ten physicians in the world offering dual neurostimulation i.e. "The Reed Procedure:" (occipital and supraorbital nerve) to his patients.

He sees patients from all over the world and conducts neurostimulation trails on a weekly basis in 2 South Florida Surgical Centers

Dual Neurostimulation Procedure

Often referred to as a "pacemaker for pain," this minimally invasive procedure implants nerve stimulator leads under the skin and adjacent to the areas of pain, delivering mild electrical pulses to the nerves. The electrical pulses replace the feeling of pain with a tingling or massaging sensation, reducing or eliminating the need for pain medication in patients who are candidates for this treatment.

Data from patients who have received the procedure (i.e. a cohort of Refractory and Chronic Refractory Migraine patients) has been published in peer review medical journals where the procedure was shown to be 84% effective (as measured in a decrease in headache days and headache related disability). This is almost double with is seen with Botox and Occipital neurostimulation.

The procedure involves an initial neurostimulation trial performed at an out patient surgery center and which is short three to seven day, non-invasive test available to determine if the Reed Procedure® will work prior to having the permanent stimulator implanted

If successful the patient can then choose to have the device permanently implanted which is also performed on an outpatient basis in South Florida by one of the three Reed Migraine physicians.

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